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Administration with Confidence (2017 Edition)


TOTAL: $99.95

Administration with Confidence provides dental practice team members with timely need-to-know information to successfully navigate the difficult ins and outs of dental insurance administration.

Highlights include:

  • PPOs Explained – Joining/Dropping/Negotiating Fees
  • Properly Calculate Write-Offs (COB) – Get Your Full Fee
  • Valuable Information on the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and Medicare
  • HIPAA – What You Need to Know
  • Top Administrative Q&As – Solutions for Your Most Common Issues
  • Discounting and Copay Forgiveness – Stay Out of Jail 
  • Scenarios for New CDT 2017 Codes
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Administration with Confidence: The "Go To" Insurance Administration Guide is a comprehensive resource for navigating the complexities of dental insurance administration. 

Proper insurance administration is key for maintaining a profitable practice and this easy-to-follow guide offers proven solutions for both the common and complex problems facing practices today.  In addition to a vast amount of administrative guidance, you will also receive checklists, forms, letters, and flow charts to assist your team with proper administration of dental claims.  Additionally, the new 2017 edition features new chapters including the application of ICD-10-CM to dental procedures, navigating ACA and Medicare, and much more!

Below are some of the chapters contained in this unique administrative guide to help conquer your difficult insurance administration issues:

  • The Affordable Care Act and How it Relates to Dentistry
  • Assignment of Benefits
  • How to Handle an Audit
  • Proper Claim Submissions
  • Coordination of Benefits and Non-Duplication of Benefits
  • How to Handle Denied Claims and Appeals
  • Understanding Dental Insurance Contract Provisions
  • Discounts and Copay Forgiveness
  • Preventing Fraud and Abuse
  • HIPAA Guideliness
  • Medicaid Contract Basics
  • Working with Medicare
  • Tips on Writing Narratives
  • Proper Recordkeeping, Documentation, and Charting
  • Successfully Working with PPOs
  • Common Administrative Q&As
  • And Much More!

This helpful administrative guide also provides several chapters on common coding areas, such as:

  • Using Lasers and Performing LANAP® Procedures
  • Reporting Scaling and Root Planing
  • Sleep Apnea Treatments
  • Treating TMJ


Dr. Charles Blair is one of dentistry’s leading authorities on practice profitability, fee analysis, insurance coding and administration, insurance coding strategies, and strategic planning.  Dr. Blair has individually consulted with thousands of practices, helping them to identify and implement new strategies for improved productivity and profitability. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker for dental groups, study clubs, and other professional organizations, and is also a widely read and highly respected author and publisher.  His extensive background and expertise makes him uniquely qualified to share his wealth of knowledge with the dental profession.  


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