Consulting Services

To further enhance all the features and benefits of our subscription program we offer a wide range of consulting services. Our consulting programs and small group workshops are designed to enhance your practice by implementing systems and strategies that increase productivity, profitability, and improve treatment outcomes.

  • Clinical Treatment Intensifier
  • Clinical Treatment Analyzer
  • Have you ever wondered how your practice’s clinical procedure mix profile measures up to thousands of other practices? This service is for you! Application of the proven strategies taught in this program will help to modify your practice service mix to increase profitability and to improve patient care.
  • Practice Transistions
  • Practice Transitions
  • Buying or selling your practice? Let JPA Dental Transitions help you achieve your goal and ensure the success of your transition.
  • New Dentist Coaching
  • Risk Management Services
  • Risk Management experts are available to provide education, training, and remediation to meet your risk management needs. We specialize in the development and implementation of systems that protect and defend your practice.