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Are you missing out on revenue that is rightfully yours to keep or pulling your hair out while asking, “What the COB?!” You are not alone. Navigating the world of dental insurance can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned dental biller. Why does it have to be so confusing?! The answer? It doesn’t have to be!

1:1 Coordination of Benefits training with a Practice Booster Advisor meets you where you’re at by offering customized virtual training in a workshop style which will turn your “What the COB?!” moments into “Ah-ha! I finally get it!”

Program highlights

  • 2 hours of virtual coaching for the doctor and up to 4 team members with a Practice Booster Advisor to train on coordination of benefits and calculating patient responsibility and adjustments using Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) from your practice. Additional training is available upon request, for an additional fee.
  • 1-thirty minute follow-up call
  • 1-year subscription to our online Practice Booster® Code Advisor, a powerful search engine for dental coding and billing, along with sample narratives, pertinent coding articles by Insurance Solutions Newsletter, and much more (go to for more information)
  • Practice Booster’s current manual, Administration With Confidence: The “Go To” Guide For Insurance Administration included

Have you received an overpayment? The answer is almost always, NO!

Charles Blair, DDS

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