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Write-Off Forecasting for General Practices & Dental Specialists

The PPO Analyzer will forecast the approximate write-offs of your practice’s participation with each PPO (up to 10 PPOs). Generate a second report for an additional 10 PPOs. The report calculations will be emailed to you. The PPO Analyzer works for the general practice and the dental specialist.

The Analyzer is easy to use and takes about two to three hours of work to analyze your current PPOs, or potential PPOs. It requires you to run an “office report” for all providers (DDS/RDH) of your top 30 procedures by revenues. For specialists with a limited number of procedures, the report will generate with less than the available 30 entries. The typical general dentistry practice performs from 60-120 procedures, and specialists will be much less. You will only need to enter the top 30 procedures, which for the general practice, will result in about 90-95% of your total practice revenues. Thus, it will be reasonably accurate by entering just 25–30 procedures, not having to enter all of your procedures. For specialists, 15 procedures or less may be adequate.

Use this tool at your own risk, as there is no support offered to assist you in this process.


Generate the Required Reports

Open your practice management software (Dentrix, Practice Works, Eaglesoft, etc.) and generate two reports.

  1. Run a hard copy of your full, unrestricted fee schedule for all procedures.
  2. Run a hard copy of a consolidated “office report” integrating all providers (DDS/RDH) production into procedures listed by the highest revenues. For instance, periodic oral evaluation D0120, adult prophy D1110, and crowns D27XX are typically in the top revenue procedures. The report, for the typical general practice, will be 90 procedures on the report, with the production revenues for each procedure. For specialists, the count will be less, depending on the specialty. Run the report with a date range of at least six months.
  3. Click here for software instructions to generate reports.


PPO Fee Schedules

Assemble up to 10 different PPO fee schedules, which you would like to evaluate. These are easy to obtain from each PPO which you participate with, or request a fee schedule from a proposed PPO.

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