Practice Booster Free PPO Analyzer

Dental Software instructions for Print Production Reports

Dentrix System

  • Open Office Manager
  • Choose Analysis
  • Choose Practice
    • Reports
  • Choose Production Summary
    • “Uncheck” the block by Category
  • Enter Date Range


  • Go to Reports
  • Click on Services tab
  • Select Service Code Productivity Master
  • Report should show MTD and YTD totals of all procedures for practice by ADA code (no input of date ranges—only MTD and YTD)

Note: To retrieve prior year after cosing out, must have saved data to SmartDocs:

  • Main Office
  • List—practice information
  • SmartDocs—scroll down to Production

EZ Dental System

  • Go to Reports Module
  • Select Management Reports
  • Select Production Summary
  • “Un-Select” By Category


  • Report
  • Practice Management
  • Production Reports
  • By ADA

  • Go to Office
  • Select Reports
  • Select Financial
  • Select Production Analysis Reports
  • Select Practice
  • Select Date Range

Carestream/Practice Works

ADA Coded Fee Schedule

  • File
  • Print
  • Other/Misc Reports
  • Treatment Code List
ADA Coded Procedure Count
  • File
  • Print Other/Misc Reports
  • Production by treatment class
  • Enter date range
  • Open Dental

There is no guarantee that the above information will print out the fee and procedure counts reports required to run the Free PPO Analyzer Report. If you encounter a problem, call your software support to gain information as to how to run the required reports.