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The Ultimate Controlled Substance Compliance Program - Complete Kit


TOTAL: $159.95

Keep your controlled substances records in line with DEA requirements. These logs allow you to track all incoming and outgoing Schedule II and III-V controlled substances. Separate your Schedule II drugs as required using our unique system. Each page contains everything the DEA and most states require and is security minded.

Track all of your wasted drugs using our convenient NCR forms. Put one copy in the patient file and one copy with your controlled substance files (Schedule II).  The DEA must be able to track every mg and ml of a controlled substance from its creation to use or destruction. These convenient forms allow you to account for wasted amounts.

This is the only product of its kind developed specifically for dental professionals.

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Complete Kit Includes the following:

Schedule II Tracking Log

Schedule III-V Tracking Log

1 Drug Waste Form Pad


Duane Tinker is a FORMER Compliance Investigator for the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. He has a background in law enforcement and healthcare. His sharp eye and passion for helping his clients prove to be amazing assets. Duane Tinker is a dynamic and powerful force in YOUR favor. He is well-versed in State Board Rules and other state and Federal requirements that pertain to you, the Texas dental professional. Duane Tinker’s experience and training ensures the absolute best perspective for seeking and finding compliance issues. No other compliance auditors in the State of Texas have his unique recipe of knowledge and experience.


Must be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment; items must be free of marks or damages to be eligible for a full refund.