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Dental Coding with Confidence (CDT 2023 Edition)


TOTAL: $139.95

Dental Coding with Confidence is dentistry’s premier CDT coding guide. Exclusive reader-friendly graphics arm dental teams with the ability to prevent the most common and costly coding errors. Plus, comprehensive content includes expert comments about the codes, dental plan limitations, and key narrative guidance needed to successfully submit dental claims to gain maximum and timely reimbursement. This is a must-have for every dental practice! Ensure proper coding in your practice with the UPDATED CDT 2023 Edition of Dental Coding with Confidence.

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CDT 2023 Updates:

22 New Codes

14 Revised Codes

2 Deleted Codes

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TOP REASONS this Guide is a must-have for every practice:

  • Stay up to date with the 2023 annual additions, revisions, and deletions to dentistry’s CDT codes.
  • Proven PREDICTIVE ERROR CORRECTION technology helps predict common errors before you make them.
  • Understand proper dental insurance coding and learn claim submission tips to maximize legitimate reimbursement.
  • Know when and how to properly report current and correct CDT codes.


Dr. Charles Blair and team are one of dentistry’s leading authorities on practice profitability, fee analysis, insurance coding and administration, insurance coding strategies, and strategic planning.  Dr. Blair has individually consulted with thousands of practices, helping them to identify and implement new strategies for improved productivity and profitability. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker for dental groups, study clubs, and other professional organizations, and is also a widely read and highly respected author and publisher.  His extensive background and expertise makes him uniquely qualified to share his wealth of knowledge with the dental profession.


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